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From on-boarding to health insurance and everything in between, take care of all of your benefits needs by creating your own private health exchange through The Missouri Bar Insurance Marketplace.

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With 100s of Health Plans from leading carriers, we have your Group Health Insurance needs covered

Receive a quote for your Group Health Insurance. Licensed Counselors and decision support tools are also available to help you decide the best plan to choose for your business’ individual needs.


Give your employees a set amount of money to spend on their benefits needs. You decide how much they decide what works.

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Rein in the rising costs of healthcare with Defined-Contribution

You decide how much, they decide what works.
With defined contribution, you give your employees a set amount of money to spend on benefits—think of it as an allowance for their insurance—and they then use that money to shop for the coverage that best meets their individual needs. So instead of offering a “one-size-fits-all” health and benefits package, you are able to empower your employees to choose the combination of coverage that’s just right for them.

You set up rules around where the money is spent.
For example, if you gave your employees a monthly allowance of $350, you could decide that $300 can be spent on health insurance, and $50 can be used for dental coverage, a vision plan or other benefits. If you want to continue offering some plans that are 100% employer-paid—such as long-term disability or life insurance—that’s up to you.

We make it easy for you to decide how to allocate the funds, and our decision support tools help your employees decide which plans work best.

How Defined-Contribution Works:


Rate and participation concessions on Dental, Vision, Life, Disability and more!

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Access to Voluntary Ancillary Benefits

When you create your private exchange, you gain access to a voluntary ancillary benefits platform similar to what a Fortune 500 company may offerto their employees. Below are just a few of the things you can offer:


For many small employers, it may be difficult to meet participation requirements that ancillary plan providers have in order to offer quality employee benefits. These hurtles have been removed through this benefits program. As an added bonus, many of the benefits offer special pricing.

As an employer, you can choose to contribute some funds to help your employees cover the cost of the product. You also have the option to remove any of products you do not want to offer.


From decision support to enrollment processing, we have all of your service needs covered.

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Live Support to help with benefit needs

From basic questions to in-depth consultations, it’s important to have a live person awaiting your call when you need help. It’s also important to work with an advisor that takes the time to develop specific knowledge about you and your unique needs. Our dedicated team of Benefits Counselors is specially trained to work with you and provide you and your employees with expert advice regarding health plans. They have already helped thousands of members with common inquiries such as checking provider networks, making sure prescription drugs are covered, and explaining difficult to understand insurance jargon.


The Payroll application makes it simple to have your organization’s payroll executed how you want it.

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Simplify everyday tasks with online payroll software built with you in mind

Go beyond everyday payroll functions with a system that is both intuitive and user-friendly. From custom reports to proactive features such as the pre-process register, to evaluating compliance with The Affordable Care Act (ACA), the amount of time saved is monumental.

Other great features:

– New Hire Templates: Simplify gathering demographics, earnings, deductions, and direct deposit information

– Custom Checklists:  Keep track of all critical steps both inside and outside the system to ensure none are missed along the way

– Custom Framework: Configure custom general ledgers, accruals, and complex reports with calculations for quick, actionable decision making

– Quick Edit Templates: Tailor your payroll and HR processes by using “drag and drop” technology

– Pre-Process Register: Ensure accurate paychecks with the ability to instantly preview, correct, and verify prior to processing payroll


All your Human Resources and benefit needs consolidated in one place to save you time.

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Accurately manage all aspects of your workforce

The HR Admin Portal is your source to manage your employees’ benefits. Once in the portal, you have access to real-time reporting tools and an advanced billing suite. In addition, we have a dedicated team of COBRA experts to oversee the COBRA processes and manage tedious tasks such as mailings and payments so your Administrator doesn’t have to. 

Other Great HR Features:

– Onboarding
– Offboarding
– Total Comp Statements
– Employee Self-service
– Benchmarking
– EDI & Web Services
– Employee communications
– Paperless Enrollment
– Employee Handbook
– Summary Plan Description (SPD)

and more!

Navigate the new world of health care and comply with the complex provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

In today’s rapidly changing environment, our tools are quickly and easily configurable and available on-demand, with numerous scheduling and alert options to meet the evolving needs of your business.

Compliance Features Include: 

– Managing risk with numerous dashboards and rule tools

– Employee notifications for W-2’s, site exchange notices, section 6055, 6056 and IRS returns and more

– Employer reporting for new taxes & fees and for IRS returns (Form 1095-B and Form 1095-C)

– Regulatory plan changes that include new hire waiting periods, auto-enrollment, dependent coverage rules and annual limits for FSAs, HSAs and 401(k)

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Receive a quote for your Group Health Insurance by completing the request form. Licensed Counselors and decision support are also available to help you decide the best plan to choose for your business’ individual needs.