Unique design options for the modern law firm.

Partnering with you on a customized solution.

The ABA Retirement Funds Program offers the only employer-sponsored retirement plan, built by lawyers, powered by pros. We can help you compare costs, investments, and plan types — from 401k and defined benefit, to cash balance and profit sharing — all through a fully-bundled service model, education, and support that is custom-designed to meet the unique retirement plan needs of the legal community.

Through our unique design, we can offer firms the most protection from investment fiduciary liability under ERISA. We help your employees focus on saving for retirement and you focus on the business of law.

Helping your firm meet its financial objectives with a variety of plan strategies.

  • Safe Harbor: Maximize contributions while reducing limitations associated with testing
  • Social Security Integration: Formula awards higher-paid employees with a larger percentage of their compensation
  • Cross-tested: Different employee groups defined and separate contributions made to each group

Maximum Savings

Ongoing Guidance

Solutions for All Firm Sizes

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