401(k) Retirement Plans for Missouri Law Firms

We’ve set out to provide a world-class retirement plan solution suitable for law firms of all sizes, including small and medium sized firms.

  • Special pricing for The Missouri Bar members
  • Tax benefits on employer contributions
  • Investment Assistance for Employees


  • Plan Pricing – Special discounted pricing is provided for law firms. Administration fees have also been discounted for this program.
  • Conduct Plan Reviews – Plans are reviewed on an ongoing basis to keep abreast of changes in compliance and other regulatory mandates, identify opportunities to minimize costs and analyze investment options.
  • Provide Low-Cost, Strong Investments – We offer plan sponsors best-of-class investment options to create great low cost 401(k) plans. Because the economy is constantly changing we want to be vigilant that funds that have been recommended change with it. Portfolios are reviewed on a quarterly basis and changes recommended as indicated.
  • Reduce Fiduciary Risks – Managing the entire process, we hold enrollment meetings (including annual ERISA-required enrollment meetings) and employee education meetings. This program also permits complete disclosure and fee transparency to sponsors and participants – an important feature, as the 2006 Pension Protection Act (PPA) places renewed emphasis on these areas within the defined contribution market.
  • Support Conversion – Start-to-finish assistance converting your existing 401(k) plan.
  • Increase Employee Participation – We help your employees understand the benefits of a 401(k) plan, offer ongoing enrollment and informational meetings, and provide one-on-one assistance to all employees.
  • Monitor & Evaluate New/Existing Funds – An in-depth review of available investments and the funds comprising your portfolios is completed quarterly. Changes to the funds are made as needed.
  • Communicate Fund Updates – Changes to portfolios are communicated on an ongoing basis. We also explain how to make changes to your investments, and provide one-on-one assistance to employees who are incorporating these changes into their own portfolios.
  • Collaborate to Provide Focused Record-keeping, Administration, and Compliance for Your Plan – our program works with your plan administrator to ensure your plan remains compliant, assists with ongoing administration, and the accuracy of your records.
  • Provide Industry/ Legislative Updates – You will receive monthly newsletters, as well as phone calls, and emails as warranted to keep you abreast of changes in the 401(k) industry and its regulation. When needed, we will explain any action required by you.
  • Help with Retirement Strategies for Key Executives – through our strategic partnerships and alliances, we are able to offer wealth management, succession planning and other retirement strategies of particular interest to key executives.
  • Make It Easy to Do Business With Us – Steps you take now will help shape how you’ll live for years to come. Fortunately, our program makes it easier for you to take those steps with confidence.
  • Provide A Plan Concierge – One call to our Plan Concierge will get the process started, help you get answers to your questions, schedule face-to-face meetings and convert your existing plans.


  • Make it Simple to Save for the Future – it may be easier than you think to save for your retirement, even while dealing with the needs of your day-to-day living. Do you buy a cup of designer coffee each morning, eat out routinely at lunchtime? Look at those areas where it might be easy to save a few dollars each day. If you take that money and invest it in your 401 (k) plan, you may watch it grow year after year. It’s not unreasonable to think you may even retire a millionaire.
  • Conduct Group or One-on-One Participant Meetings – whatever it takes to meet your needs. We’re available to conduct meetings via phone/conference call, via the worldwide web, and in person.
  • Support Remote Employees – We will work with employees to ensure they receive the same level of service regardless of location.
  • Educate on Retirement Planning & Preparation – in addition to providing your 401 (k) plan, our program has partnered with other leading financial specialists who can help guide you through the complexities of retirement planning.
  • Provide Distribution, Loan, Hardship Withdrawal and Rollover Assistance – we work with your plan administrator to get you the information you need. When applicable, we can walk you through the paperwork, or find the right person to help you.
  • Provide Beneficiary Designation Support – Each participant can designate a beneficiary or beneficiaries of their 401 (k) plan. We will provide the appropriate form and answer questions.
  • Through our partnerships, we provide online access for:
    • Viewing account balances
    • Updating personal information
    • Viewing/printing statements